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Playful Mamma Giveaway

You've been at it all year: getting the kids ready, prepping lunch, dropping and picking up and organizing your day around their day. If you're a mom, you've been so busy you have no idea where 2016 went. Well it's time to kick off your heels and play.

This holiday season we have the ultimate Playful Mamma Guide and one lucky winner will get $1000 worth of goodies from 15 amazing brands that are all about spending quality play time with your little ones.

**Open to US Residents Only**


Playful Mamma Giveaway: Enter to win $1000 in toys, gifts and more! 

Playful Mamma Giveaway

**Open to US Residents Only**

What you'll win

Happy Heart Kid - $250 gift card

Crafts and Games that promote social skills and emotional development.

Peaceable Kingdom - $100 of your choice of Peaceable products

Award winning games and gifts that inspire cooperation and cultivate kindness. Play with heart and soul.

Sonnet James - $100 gift card

Play dresses for Playful moms. They are the perfect dresses for fashionable mothers that want to be more playful and present with their little ones.

Seedling - $100 gift card

Unique and innovative products that encourage families to build, imagine, and play—together.

Gathre - $70 gift card

Bonded leather mats that are beautiful, functional and make the perfect place to gather and clean up your happy mess after playtime.

Mamoo Kids - $50 gift card

Organic and all natural 100% cotton kid bags handcrafted for adventurous kids.

Dylbug - $50 gift card

Personalized plates, placemats and food cutter sets to encourage happy, healthy eating for your little ones.

Childhood Store - $50 gift card

Handmade Soy and Beeswax crayons in beautiful colors and shapes.

Blabla Kids - $50 gift card

Eco-friendly hand knit dolls, decor and new baby books.

Goose Grease - $50 gift card

Hand-painted and custom wooden dolls that are long lasting art objects. Each doll is carefully hand-chiseled in a small carpentry shop in Bogotá, Colombia, using sustainably forested wood.

KinderGuides - $35 gift card

Series of illustrated children’s learning guides that introduce some of the most iconic works of classic literature to young readers.

Plaeful - 1 decal ($35 value)

Creative + Erasable wall decal with whimsical frames to invite your child to doodle and draw.

Z Dough - $25 credit (to be claimed in 2017)

Handmade scented play dough in vibrant colors, natural scents and delightful details.

Tinkerlab Book - ($22 value)

Hands on guide for little inventors with 55 playful experiments that encourage tinkering, curiosity, and creative thinking all the while getting kids kids to naturally explore art, science, and more.

A Little Bit of Dirt Book ($17 value)

55+ Science and Art Activities to Reconnect Children with Nature from the creator of

**Open to US Residents Only**
Total Prize Value is $1004.19

Charity Partner

Wait there's more! This is a Giveaway that gives back!

All brands will be contributing to our charity partner:

Second Chance Toys

Second Chance Toys rescue and recycle plastic toys for children in need by donating them to community organizations.

Enter to win $1000 worth of toys, gifts and more!