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About Us

Hey there and welcome to Happy Heart Kid's online home! Our mission is to help parents teach kids important life skills through creative play. Our activity kits are filled with games, arts and crafts focused on social emotional learning for families with young children.

Our Philosophy

Our idea with Happy Heart Kid is to create resources for parents to teach their kids Empathy, Gratitude, Generosity in whatever way best suits their lifestyle. We want to make it easy and provide a tool which we hope incorporates naturally into their playtime. 

Our Design

Happy Heart Kid products are designed by teachers and parents. Our community of moms and educators have not only helped develop the activity kits but also tested the contents every product to ensure it helps develop language, fine-motor skills, and critical thinking abilities with every activity. But most of all, each kit is packed with creativity, fun, and play so your kids will be excited to discover and explore what's inside! 

So how do we test and measure the effectiveness of our products when we are out on this lofty mission to build character through play? We do a lot of user testing and our goal with these sessions is to make sure the activity is engaging, age appropriate and fun! We do keep in mind a few things when developing the product:

  1. Does the project activate learning vocabulary around character building skills e.g. ' learning phrases such as 'Try, Try Again' ?
  2. Is it simple enough for parents to engage in talking about values during playtime ?
  3. Does the pretend play component extend into a family's daily life as a teachable moment? 

Our Story

About 3 years ago, I (Archana a.k.a. Archie) was volunteering with kids creating lesson plans and engaging kids in learning values such as Empathy, Patience, Perseverance. I found through my conversations with parents, that they were looking to nurture these skills in their kids but were too often reacting to bad behavior and lecturing kids. 

We all tend use situations when we observe bad behavior to react and talk to kids, but what if we made playtime a way to proactively get our kids to start thinking, practicing and talking about their character?  

Just as Legos are about building, I wanted to create a product that lets families unplug, play and through meaningful conversations have quality time together. 

You can watch me pitch Happy Heart Kid and make a bit of a fool of myself in this video here :)