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Learning Empathy Through Play

Posted by Archana Jiwnani on
Welcome to Happy Heart Kid! Happy Heart Kid makes is easy for conscientious and hands-on parents to engage in character building activities. We empowers families to play with purpose  and raise kids with strong values preparing them be the next generation of leaders and change makers.
We are kicking off our blog with the theme of our first kit, empathy. 

What is Empathy?
Empathy is the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties. 
How do you cultivate Empathy as a family?
  • Help children understand their feelings.
  • Help children understand "hard to identify" emotions in others.
  • Point out to children both similarities and differences between them and other children.
  • Look for opportunities everyday to model and induce thoughtful feelings for others.
  • Create an open door atmosphere in your home so that children feel comfortable to talk about their experiences.
  • Teach children to understand that others can have different thoughts and feeling than we have.
How do children cultivate Empathy through play?
  • Read stories to open up the child's imagination to different characters and situations.
  • Role play! Think of different everyday scenarios where empathy can be modeled.
  • Play games focused on empathy such as Emotional Bingo.
  • Do a craft activity like our Feelings and Faces project from our Empathy Kit (pictured below). You can use this activity as a teachable moment. Children create different faces for each of the provided situation cards. Email us at for more details on this activity.