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Play with Purpose

Crafts and Games that promote Social Skills and Emotional Development

Hands on Learning

Our activity kits go beyond just providing all the materials and instructions. They are meaningful activities that add a little intention to playtime and help parents and kids together explore big ideas like empathy, gratitude, perseverance and more.

Educational Games

It's not just our crafts that encourage kids to make and create. Happy Heart Kid games are also DIY and kids get to make their own game parts that help make family game night all the more fun!

Parents love Happy Heart Kid

Poppy and I spent hours playing, learning, and laughing over values like empathy, grit, and generosity. In the world we live in today, and yesterday, I want my children to grasp what it means to care for others. I want them to have a passion for learning, and be determined in settling lifelong goals.
@allieroyal | Allie Mood
We sat down and did some activities together to learn about empathy. If you haven't heard of Happy Heart Kid I would tell you to check them out right now. Their kits are adorable and they teach some really important stuff. And yes, I'm gushing about them because they are that good!
@karimjones | Karim Jones

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